How To Customize Romper

1. Choose your romper color

2. Click on "Custom Text Here" then type your text for each line (max 3 lines and 12 letters per line)

3. Choose your font style for each line

4. You can adjust your font size, position and alignment for each line by clicking on the line you want to change.  

Once that line is clicked, a box will appear.  You can click and hold that box to move to desired position within that area.  If it is not able to move, your text may be at its max size.  Adjust your text size and then click and hold to move to desired position.

To adjust text size or auto align, go to the line number selected in the drop down on the right. You can now adjust the text alignment or size for that line.  Please note, if your text is at its max size for that line it will not allow you to size up.  

5. Once you adjust your text on that line, click out.  If you would like to adjust the other lines, you will repeat #4 until your text is in the desired size and position.

6. Choose your font color 

7. Please check all spelling, capitalization, sizing and placement.  We will customize your text exactly as typed.  

For easier customization navigation, please use desktop to customize your text.