About Us

Being a new mom, starting over after 12 years, I went on a quest for new and exciting baby accessories. I had raised two children back in the days when the hip baby clothing was non existent.  My children and I wore a lot of teddy bears! Now that I had my daughter Sophia, I was excited to play the part of a hip, trendy mom - no teddy bears allowed! In this quest I realized, although there are a lot of choices out there, some are still boring. So I decided if I cannot find it, I will design it myself. Now being the hip mom and baby team that we were, Sophia and I went out and strutted our stuff. After a few oooh’s and ahh’s, it hit me, we were not the only ones on this quest. I then decided to start Mama Bijou, so we can share our treasures with others that have been on the same mission.

Fast forward 6 years later, my 23 year old daughter Katie has joined the team.  She has been a great addition with her creativity and passion.